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Remineralization Therapy

Remineralization therapy is a process that attempts to reverse or stop the progression of early cavities. Through the application of selective medicaments both at home and professionally, the goal is to slow and preferably stop the decay process. Products used at home consist of MI Paste® and prescription-strength fluoride gels and toothpastes. MI Paste® helps replenish depleted calcium and phosphate ( minerals that strengthen tooth enamel) by providing these minerals directly to the teeth. Current studies have shown this product to reverse early cavities. In addition, MI Paste is safe to swallow and ideal to use with children who have difficulty spitting such as infants, toddlers and those with special needs. Prescription-strength fluoride gels and toothpastes for home-use not only replenish lost mineral from teeth but also make the tooth enamel stronger and more resistant to acid. Albeit beneficial to fighting cavities, these products should be used only by children and adults who are able to spit, thereby limiting ingestion.

Fluoride varnish is professionally-applied topical fluoride and is an effective tool in remineralization therapy. Most early fluoride varnishes were orange or rust-colored. In our office, we use a tooth-colored varnish called Vanish®. For children at high risk for developing cavities or those with early cavities, Vanish® is applied where needed at more frequent intervals. Vanish® adheres to the tooth or teeth immediately upon contact with saliva, thereby negating the risk of ingestion. Unlike more common forms of professionally-applied topical fluorides, children are not required to wait for 30 minutes prior to eating or drinking and may eat or drink immediately.

If your child is at high risk for developing cavities, remineralization therapy may not only help prevent cavities from forming but reverse small cavities that are already present.

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